Disdainful Beauty
Remember this shit?

Remember this shit?

Soooooo….I finally saw Gone Girl

Crazy as fuck and I kind of hated all the characters by the end of it. David Fincher is a brilliant director though sooooo….I guess I don’t feel like I just wasted my money…or did I? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm………


I’m reading all these stories and seeing all these pictures of fans meeting Julian and it makes me happy that he is the sweetest thing on earth. Like at the concert I yelled yeah when no one else did and he said yeah right back to me since I was in the 2nd row and Idk it may seem like a simple gesture but he recognised me in such a big crowd. And he kept telling us he wanted to be there longer and he even did the bow thing he does. He is so adorable like my heart cannot take it. Like not only is he a musical genius, he’s a an awesome human being. I cannot wait to meet him next concert. I wanna tell him how much his music means to me and how much he means to me. Julian, I’m coming for ya!


why aren’t there more people out there who are as genuinely nice (and fucking cool) as julian and all the voidz (especially alex and jeff)


twyttor horse


Twyttor “Rant”  Pt. 1